A light sweet red that has been blended with pomegranate. Bursting with sweetness, this wine has a velvety flavor and intense aromas that will delight your senses. This wine will grip any palate with its luscious fruit. Let yourself enjoy a wine that beats to a different drummer.


Our Signature Red, medium bodied sweet wine with aroma characteristics of lush berries. Raccoons are always found in pairs and they have an incredible memory, so drink together!  You’ll remember our Sweet Red Raccoon Wine forever.


A light bodied sweet wine blended with wild berries. This wine is bursting with sweetness and brings romance to the season of life.


Serve this wine well chilled, with Spicy Thai, Cajun, Mexican, or Asian fare. Also enjoy this wine with cheesecake, a dark chocolate dessert, or as a refreshing chiller over crushed ice. Always a crowd pleaser!


A light sweet red that has been blended with blueberries. This wine is bursting with sweetness. Let our Collard Lizard run away with you and fill your life with vibrant color.

Sweet Reds


This wine tastes and smells like fresh hand-picked Blackberries. This smooth drinking light sweet red wine is just the thing to warm up an evening with good friends!


Refreshing when chilled. This wine pairs wonderfully with a light salad, Spicy Asian Cuisine, Barbeque, Mexican, Thai, cobbler, ice cream, fresh fruits, cheesecake, or any dark chocolate dessert!


A light sweet red with aromas and flavors of ripe raspberries. Serve this refreshingly sweet and festive wine chilled as an aperitif or with grilled meats and light cheeses. It’s just gushing with flavor!