This wine bursts with sweetness, a unique white cranberry blended with grapes. The elegance awakens your senses and palate to fruity aromas. This wine is very easy to drink and it will have you at the bottom of your glass before you know it.


Enjoy this wine with fresh salads, grilled chicken, or pulled pork sandwiches, Sushi or spicy ethinic cuisine, crème brulee, cannoli, or poached pear tart. Serve chilled. This wine is perfect for backyard barbeques and sharing with friends.


A Sweet Riesling with a medium body. Fresh fruit flavors of apples, peaches, and pears echo on your palate as you breathe in the aroma of honey with delicate floral undertones of violets and roses. Drinking a glass of Indian Blanket is a pleasurable experience you won't ever forget.


Considered to be the most versatile wine with food, Indian Blanket pairs well with almost anything. From spicy ethnic cuisine, to seafood, pork, beef, chicken, any dish with a cream based sauce, and any fruity or creamy dessert. Your senses will be delighted with your choice. Serve chilled.


Moscato is a sweet white wine that’s beautifully balanced, with good acidity, hints of citrus and aromas of peach and honeydew melons. This wine will lead your senses down a curvy path of body and flavor with a lingering finish.


A light sweet white that is blended with pineapple and pears. This elegant wine will awaken your senses and palate to fruity aromas Scissortail Flycatcher is bursting with sweetness. Fly away with this great wine!

Sweet Whites


Our Signature White, medium bodied sweet wine that is fragrant and fruity with a delicate bouquet!  This wine has plenty of fragrant notes with a round, elegant finish. For just a few “bucks” you can have one of our best sweet white wines.


Delicious peach and apricot flavors explode from this exceptionally crisp, sweet wine. The result is an irresistibly refreshing, fruit forward wine that is always a crowd pleaser!


Best served chilled as the perfect accompaniment to salad, fresh fruit, spicy barbeque ribs, or your favorite's also terrific all by itself!