The Winery

The day to day is much like other wineries, but on a more personal scale. The Kappus's live and breathe the wine they create. Their passion for creating quality wine shines through as they note each wine's daily progress in great detail and continually educate themselves on what it will take to make the next great Land Run wine. From Red to White, Sweet to Dry, Land Run has a varietal to suite your taste.


We began our adventure with the goal of making wonderful wine varietals for everyone to enjoy. We searched until we found the best grapes to grow in Oklahoma because they know great wine begins with excellent quality grapes. Their family and friends provide support and are a great help in the meticulous care of each vine from pruning in the Spring through Harvest in the Fall. Their family works as a team to continue the Legacy Grandpa Lawrence started years ago: to create quality wines for all to enjoy as they celebrate life together.

Vineyard  & Winery